Alot to Say, Sumthin to Talk About

Alot to Say, Sumthin to Talk About
Publsiher: BalboaPress
Total Pages: 92
Release: 2012-10-17
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN 13: 9781452557663

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This book is written to inspire, uplift, or just give you something to think about. A bad dayweve all had one; loss of a loved onememories last forever. A frienemy indeed is not the friend you need. Real talk about everyday life and trying to maintain. So sit back, relax, and enjoy one unique read..

Alot to Say, Sumthin to Talk about

Alot to Say, Sumthin to Talk about
Author: Mschell
Publsiher: Balboa Press
Total Pages: 92
Release: 2012-10
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 13: 1452557659

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This book is written to inspire, uplift, or just give you something to think about. A bad day we've all had one; loss of a loved one memories last forever. A frienemy indeed is not the friend you need. Real talk about everyday life and trying to maintain. So sit back, relax, and enjoy one unique read..

Listen to Me, I Have a Lot to Say

Listen to Me, I Have a Lot to Say
Author: Amari Johnson
Publsiher: Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages: 58
Release: 2020-10-14
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13: 166413641X

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What would you do if you could get inside the head of your preteen or teenage child? Well now you have the opportunity to figure out how to grow your relationship between your child while still giving them enough space to grow. It can be tough kindling a connection that was not there before, read along as this author helps guide both parents and children, communities and elected officials to be on an equal Accord. Amari Johnson believes there's only one way to reunite our household and our community and that's through communication and understanding. This book was written from when the author was 14 years old and now that he is able to take advantage of the opportunity to publish these words, He wants you to listen to what he has to say..

Some Say a Lot

Some Say a Lot
Author: Marilynn Lynne Berry
Publsiher: AuthorHouse
Total Pages: 175
Release: 2006-09-28
Genre: History
ISBN 13: 1467012386

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This is the story about Franz Hess, a Jewish scientist working at an armaments Research and Development complex in the Ruhr, Germany during World War 11. Franz, an enthusiast of American Swing Bands and himself an accomplished saxophonist, decides to form his own band, which inadvertently saves his life. The Gestapo rounded up all scientists to work for the German war machine and as Franz was Jewish he was forced to work on fuel systems for the development of V1 and V11 rockets to enable far reaching bombing raids on England. Retaliating, the Allies heavily bombed the Ruhr in 1942 and in the chaos Franz escaped his enforced imprisonment to Switzerland with the help of the French Resistance and Allies, finding himself eventually in America and England. It was known 5th columnists were actively sending information to Germany from somewhere within an American Base in Southern England. The Allies recruited Franz, because of his training and scientific knowledge to route out the spies. He was subsequently given a new identity, authorizing him to investigate under cover of G I Bandsman, Captain Billy Bolton. A good way to investigate was to form a Base swing band to get to know the GIs, and gain their confidence. The band played at weekly socials, which Franz hoped would trap the spies/5th columnists into making mistakes resulting in their discovery. Unbeknown to Franz, he had recruited musicians who were 5th columnists. Subsequently, a femme fatale romantically obsessed him sufficiently for him to commit a treasonable act, resulting in his arrest, culminating in a hair raising escape with terrifying consequences..

In Fifteen Minutes You Can Say a Lot

In Fifteen Minutes You Can Say a Lot
Author: Greville Texidor
Publsiher: Victoria University Press
Total Pages: 252
Release: 1987
Genre: New Zealand
ISBN 13: 9780864730466

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The Transhumanism Handbook

The Transhumanism Handbook
Author: Newton Lee
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 863
Release: 2019-07-03
Genre: Computers
ISBN 13: 3030169200

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Modern humanity with some 5,000 years of recorded history has been experiencing growing pains, with no end in sight. It is high time for humanity to grow up and to transcend itself by embracing transhumanism. Transhumanism offers the most inclusive ideology for all ethnicities and races, the religious and the atheists, conservatives and liberals, the young and the old regardless of socioeconomic status, gender identity, or any other individual qualities. This book expounds on contemporary views and practical advice from more than 70 transhumanists. Astronaut Neil Armstrong said on the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969, “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Transhumanism is the next logical step in the evolution of humankind, and it is the existential solution to the long-term survival of the human race..

Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States

Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States
Author: United States. President
Total Pages: 1254
Release: 2005
Genre: Electronic journals
ISBN 13:

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"Containing the public messages, speeches, and statements of the President", 1956-1992..


Author: Jeff Haden
Publsiher: Diversion Books
Total Pages:
Release: 2015-04-07
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN 13: 0692242279

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TransForm is based on four years of advice from bestselling ghostwriter, leading Inc. Magazine columnist, and LinkedIn Influencer Jeff Haden. It provides concrete, practical, real-world ways anyone can increase personal productivity, improve professional relationships, achieve goals, become a better leader, develop both personally and professionally... and become remarkable. You'll notice I didn't solicit a bunch of testimonials. Or have friends and family write reviews. What other people—even notable people—think about a book is interesting but ultimately irrelevant. All that matters is what you think... and I think you'll find at least five things you can start doing differently in less than fifteen minutes. The book is broken down into 10 sections: 1. Happiness 2. Goals 3. Success 4. Personal Development 5. Personal Productivity 6. Professional Relationships 7. Leadership 8. Praise 9. Entrepreneurship 10. Remarkable Want to improve your life? Want to be more successful and happier? You can. Starting today..

The Busy Body

The Busy Body
Author: Donald E Westlake
Publsiher: Overamstel Uitgevers
Total Pages: 124
Release: 2011-10-25
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 13: 9049986609

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A mob boss’s right-hand man must track down a missing cache of heroin The corpse isn’t anybody special—a low-level drug courier—but it has been so long since the organization’s last grand funeral that Nick Rovito decides to give the departed a big send-off. He pays for a huge church, a procession of Cadillacs, and an ocean of flowers, and enjoys the affair until he learns the dead man is going to his grave wearing the blue suit. Rovito summons Engel, his right-hand man, and tells him to get a shovel. Inside the lining of the blue suit jacket is $250,000 worth of uncut heroin, smuggled back from Baltimore the day the courier died. When Engel’s shovel strikes coffin, he braces himself for the encounter with the dead man. But the coffin is empty, the heroin gone, and Engel has no choice but to track down the missing body or face his boss’s wrath..

We Need to Talk About Love

We Need to Talk About Love
Author: Laura Mucha
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 368
Release: 2020-06-11
Genre: Family & Relationships
ISBN 13: 1472982444

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As featured on Sunday Brunch and Woman's Hour 'A really interesting proper analysis of the ins and outs of love. A kind of marvellous feat.' Richard Curtis Poets, philosophers and artists have been trying to explain romantic love for centuries, but it remains one of the most complex and intimidating terrains to navigate. Most people are afraid to be open and honest about their relationships – until now. For We Need to Talk Above Love, Laura Mucha has interviewed hundreds of strangers, from the ages of 8 to 95 in more than 40 countries, asking them to share their most personal stories, feelings and insights about love. These intimate and illuminating conversations raised important questions, such as: - How does your upbringing influence your relationships? - Does love at first sight exist? Should you 'just know'? - What should you look for in a partner? - Is monogamy natural? - Why do people cheat? - How do you know when it's time to walk away? Drawing on psychology, philosophy, anthropology and statistics, We Need to Talk About Love combines evidence, theory and everyday experience and is the perfect read for anyone who is curious about how we think, feel and behave when it comes to love..

Men Speak For Menses

Men Speak For Menses
Author: Bhavya Jain
Publsiher: Unvoiced Heart
Total Pages: 41
Release: 2022-02-14
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 13:

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Creating a dialogue between the men and the society through this book with their experiences and thoughts to make this ideology kataphatic than being expressed as apophatic. This book will add break to all kinds of circumlocutions that are been used instead of saying “Periods”. Experiences and different voices together add strength to what is going wrong. Men Speak for Menses, compiled by Bhavya Jain and Vikas Soni brings strength and power to this topic..

McGraw-Hill Education Essential ESL Dictionary

McGraw-Hill Education Essential ESL Dictionary
Author: McGraw Hill
Publsiher: McGraw Hill Professional
Total Pages: 513
Release: 2014-09-03
Genre: Foreign Language Study
ISBN 13: 0071840192

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Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Learn and understand thousands of new English words Clear, comprehensive, and easy to use, McGraw-Hill: Essential ESL Dictionary for Learners of English was developed to meet the needs of ESL students like you. Inside you will find more than 9,000 English terms, each with a simple definition so you will understand its meaning and usage. Every entry is accompanied by its phonetic translation, definition, and explanation. You'll find example sentences throughout that show English words in context. Hundreds of illustrations are also used throughout the dictionary, giving you visual reinforcement of word meanings. INCLUDES: 9,000+ American and British words, explained in easy-to-understand language Grammar and usage boxes to aid your understanding of key concepts A grammar summary that highlights parts of speech, idioms, sentence structures, and more A special section of illustrations--featuring thematic groups of words including animals, nature, electronics, music, the classroom, and more--to help you remember common terms A conversation guide that identifies important phrases for everyday situations such as meeting people, asking directions, going shopping, and more Whether you use it at work, in school, or at home, McGraw-Hill: Essential ESL Dictionary for Learners of English will become your trusted reference as you learn the language and build your English skills..

Global Identity in Multicultural and International Educational Contexts

Global Identity in Multicultural and International Educational Contexts
Author: Nigel Bagnall
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 164
Release: 2015-03-27
Genre: Education
ISBN 13: 1317632168

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The increased movement of people globally has changed the face of national and international schooling. Higher levels of mobility have resulted from both the willing movement of students and their families with a desire to create a better life, and the forced movement of refugee families travelling away from war, famine and other extreme circumstances. This book explores the idea that the complex connections created by the forces of globalisation have led to a diminishing difference between what were once described as international schools and national schools. By examining a selection of responses from students attending international schools in Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Philippines and Switzerland, the book discusses key issues surrounding identity and cosmopolitan senses of belonging. Chapters draw from current literature and recent qualitative research to highlight the concerns that students face within the international school community, including social, psychological, and academic difficulties. The interviews provide a rich and unique body of knowledge, demonstrating how perceptions of identity and belonging are changing, especially with affiliation to a national or a global identity. The notion that international students have become global citizens through their affiliation to a global rather than a national identity exhibits a changing and potentially irreversible trend. Global Identity in Multicultural and International Educational Contexts will be of key interest to researchers, academics and policy makers involved with international schooling and globalised education..

Death Comes for the Deconstructionist

Death Comes for the Deconstructionist
Author: Daniel Taylor
Publsiher: SPCK
Total Pages: 203
Release: 2016-06-16
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 13: 1910674451

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When Jon Mote is hired to investigate the murder of his erstwhile mentor, literary star Richard Pratt, the grad school dropout feels woefully unequal to the task. Skittering on the edge of madness, his only source of hope is the dogged love of his developmentally disabled sister, Judy, who serves as cheerleader, critic and moral compass. Soon the siblings find themselves haunting the neighbourhoods of Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota – from crime scenes to the halls of academe – exposing a series of suspects along the way. When he stumbles upon Pratt’s terrible secret, Mote is prompted to discover an equally dreadful mystery in his own past – a revelation that accelerates his descent into darkness and puts both himself and Judy at grave risk. ‘Daniel Taylor’s oddly reluctant Sherlock Holmes is accompanied by the most unusual and heartwarming Watson in my reading experience.’ Paul J. Willis, author of The Alpine Tales.

The Anniversary

The Anniversary
Author: Veronica Henry
Publsiher: Hachette UK
Total Pages: 128
Release: 2016-02-04
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 13: 1409159086

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Original stories from Fanny Blake, Elizabeth Buchan, Rowan Coleman, Jenny Colgan, Philippa Gregory, Matt Haig, Veronica Henry, Andy McNab, Richard Madeley and John O'Farrell - with special anniversary recipes from The Hairy Bikers. A young woman with memories of D-Day and a life both dangerous and exciting A father and son with a shared birthday and deeply held secrets A single mum taxi driver, whose envy for the rich couple on their way to the Ritz soon changes The unlikely marriage, born in the depths of war The Tudor wife receives the ghostly message, 'Never marry a dangerous man' An agoraphobic widower, unable to visit his wife's grave The Elvis impersonator who finds hope for a new romance with Marilyn Monroe The ex soldiers burdened with the consequences of one bad decision The long-held memories of a wartime tragedy The anniversary supper which changed the world... THE ANNIVERSARY - a collection of the very best short fiction around..

Learning to Speak American

Learning to Speak American
Author: Colette Dartford
Publsiher: Bonnier Publishing Fiction Ltd.
Total Pages: 269
Release: 2015-11-05
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 13: 1785770012

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'A moving and engaging debut novel . . . shortens the dark nights' Santa Montefiore. An emotional and uplifting story of starting again, perfect for fans of Hilary Boyd and The Tea Planter's Wife. Having suffered in silence since the tragic death of their young daughter, Lola and Duncan Drummond's last chance to rediscover their love for one another lies in an anniversary holiday to the gorgeous Napa Valley. Unable to talk about what happened, Duncan reaches out to his wife the only way he knows how - he buys her a derelict house, the restoration of which might just restore their relationship. As Lola works on the house she begins to realise the liberating power of letting go. But just as she begins to open up, Duncan's life begins to fall apart. After all the heartbreak, can Lola and Duncan learn to love again? 'A heartrending story, well-told, about coping with unimaginable loss. Dartford evokes strong, sympathetic characters while writing fluently and from the heart. I raced through it.' Hilary Boyd, author of Thursdays in the Park 'A beautiful read, lyrically written, poignant and emotional' - Nicola Cornick, internationally bestselling author of House of Shadows 'Does everything a good book should do; it made me smile, it made me cry, it taught me lessons about life and love I didn't know before' - Claire Dyer, author of The Moment.

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing
Author: Hank Green
Publsiher: Penguin
Total Pages: 352
Release: 2018-09-25
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 13: 1524743453

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THE INSTANT #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER “Sparkling with mystery, humor and the uncanny, this is a fun read. But beneath its effervescent tone, more complex themes are at play.” —San Francisco Chronicle In his wildly entertaining debut novel, Hank Green—cocreator of Crash Course, Vlogbrothers, and SciShow—spins a sweeping, cinematic tale about a young woman who becomes an overnight celebrity before realizing she's part of something bigger, and stranger, than anyone could have possibly imagined. The Carls just appeared. Roaming through New York City at three a.m., twenty-three-year-old April May stumbles across a giant sculpture. Delighted by its appearance and craftsmanship—like a ten-foot-tall Transformer wearing a suit of samurai armor—April and her best friend, Andy, make a video with it, which Andy uploads to YouTube. The next day, April wakes up to a viral video and a new life. News quickly spreads that there are Carls in dozens of cities around the world—from Beijing to Buenos Aires—and April, as their first documentarian, finds herself at the center of an intense international media spotlight. Seizing the opportunity to make her mark on the world, April now has to deal with the consequences her new particular brand of fame has on her relationships, her safety, and her own identity. And all eyes are on April to figure out not just what the Carls are, but what they want from us. Compulsively entertaining and powerfully relevant, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing grapples with big themes, including how the social internet is changing fame, rhetoric, and radicalization; how our culture deals with fear and uncertainty; and how vilification and adoration spring for the same dehumanization that follows a life in the public eye. The beginning of an exciting fiction career, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing is a bold and insightful novel of now..