America Again

America Again
Author: Michael C. Brumm
Publsiher: Grand Central Pub
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2012-10-02
Genre: Humor
ISBN 13: 9780446583978

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Covering subjects ranging from health care to the economy to food, Colbert "gives America the dose of truth it needs to get back on the right track it's already on"--Dust jacket flap..

America Again

America Again
Author: Stephen Colbert
Publsiher: Grand Central Publishing
Total Pages: 0
Release: 2014-10-28
Genre: Humor
ISBN 13: 9780446583992

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Book store nation, in the history of mankind there has never been a greater country than America. You could say we're the #1 nation at being the best at greatness. But as perfect as America is in every single way, America is broken! And we can't exchange it because we're 236 years past the 30-day return window. Look around--we don't make anything anymore, we've mortgaged our future to China, and the Apologist-in-Chief goes on world tours just to bow before foreign leaders. Worse, the L.A. Four Seasons Hotel doesn't even have a dedicated phone button for the Spa. You have to dial an extension! Where did we lose our way?! It's high time we restored America to the greatness it never lost! Luckily, AMERICA AGAIN will singlebookedly pull this country back from the brink. It features everything from chapters, to page numbers, to fonts. Covering subject's ranging from healthcare ("I shudder to think where we'd be without the wide variety of prescription drugs to treat our maladies, such as think-shuddering") to the economy ("Life is giving us lemons, and we're shipping them to the Chinese to make our lemon-flavored leadonade") to food ("Feel free to deep fry this book-it's a rich source of fiber"), Stephen gives America the dose of truth it needs to get back on track..

Improv Nation

Improv Nation
Author: Sam Wasson
Publsiher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Total Pages: 485
Release: 2017
ISBN 13: 0544557204

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A sweeping yet intimate--and often hilarious--history of a uniquely American art form that has never been more popular.


Author: David R. Castillo
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Total Pages: 288
Release: 2016-11-17
Genre: Political Science
ISBN 13: 1628923636

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We are living in a time of inflationary media. While technological change has periodically altered and advanced the ways humans process and transmit knowledge, for the last 100 years the media with which we produce, transmit, and record ideas have multiplied in kind, speed, and power. Saturation in media is provoking a crisis in how we perceive and understand reality. Media become inflationary when the scope of their representation of the world outgrows the confines of their culture's prior grasp of reality. We call the resulting concept of reality that emerges the culture's medialogy. Medialogies offers a highly innovative approach to the contemporary construction of reality in cultural, political, and economic domains. Castillo and Egginton, both luminary scholars, combine a very accessible style with profound theoretical analysis, relying not only on works of philosophy and political theory but also on novels, Hollywood films, and mass media phenomena. The book invites us to reconsider the way reality is constructed, and how truth, sovereignty, agency, and authority are understood from the everyday, philosophical, and political points of view. A powerful analysis of actuality, with its roots in early modernity, this work is crucial to understanding reality in the information age..

Millennial Cervantes

Millennial Cervantes
Author: Bruce R. Burningham
Publsiher: University of Nebraska Press
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2020-06-01
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN 13: 1496217624

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Millennial Cervantes explores some of the most important recent trends in Cervantes scholarship in the twenty-first century. It brings together leading Cervantes scholars of the United States in order to showcase their cutting-edge work within a cultural studies frame that encompasses everything from ekphrasis to philosophy, from sexuality to Cold War political satire, and from the culinary arts to the digital humanities. Millennial Cervantes is divided into three sets of essays—conceptually organized around thematic and methodological lines that move outward in a series of concentric circles. The first group, focused on the concept of “Cervantes in his original contexts,” features essays that bring new insights to these texts within the primary context of early modern Iberian culture. The second group, focused on the concept of “Cervantes in comparative contexts,” features essays that examine Cervantes’s works in conjunction with those of the English-speaking world, both seventeenth- and twentieth-century. The third group, focused on the concept of “Cervantes in wider cultural contexts,” examines Cervantes’s works—principally Don Quixote—as points of departure for other cultural products and wider intellectual debates. This collection articulates the state of Cervantes studies in the first two decades of the new millennium as we move further into a century that promises both unimagined technological advances and the concomitant cultural changes that will naturally adhere to this new technology, whatever it may be..

As Though We Were Dreaming

As Though We Were Dreaming
Author: Keith Ruckhaus
Publsiher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Total Pages: 252
Release: 2013-10-22
Genre: Religion
ISBN 13: 1625644221

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"The Eastern Christian liturgical tradition of Lent has long included the chanting of the Songs of Ascents (Pss 120-134) as ""entrance songs"" of not only the special penance service known as the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts, but also of the season of repentance. Ruckhaus' commentary in As Though We Were Dreaming provides theological insight and exegetical breadth to this group of Psalms. Even more so, Ruckhaus drives the reader to engage the Songs of Ascents and participate in the descent and ascent of meaningful and life-changing repentance. The commentary here does more than just compare the struggle of the ancient Jews reflected in the Songs of Ascents with that of the early Christian community and our own experience. Ruckhaus insists on a ""gutteral connection"" between the anxiety and hope of reconstituting the people of God after the disaster of the exile and that of the passion of Jesus. ""The gospel story is already genetically encoded in the story of Israel."" The liturgical incorporation of the Songs of Ascents in the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts ""grounds"" the Church's participation in the Great Story. We don't borrow the ancient psalms of the Jews' struggle to reconstitute a kingdom of God; we share in that struggle. ".

The Comedy Cash-In Book Book

The Comedy Cash-In Book Book
Author: Ben Baker
Total Pages: 94
ISBN 13: 1326826417

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Word Vomit: At Least I Made It to the Bathroom

Word Vomit: At Least I Made It to the Bathroom
Author: Michael Moratto
Publsiher: Lulu Press, Inc
Total Pages:
Release: 2017-04-06
Genre: Poetry
ISBN 13: 1365868710

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Word Vomit: At Least I Made it to the Bathroom is the second kooky compilation of risqué poetry, snarky prose, and sarcastic something-or-anothers from the illustrious author who brought you The Struggle is Real: Is there Life After College? These tales of puntification and adventure cater to the silliest recesses of the human soul in between bouts of mania, battles with demons, and an occasional statistic or two. The whole catastrophe is chock full of allusions of grandeur, mental floss, and more alliteration than you can shake a stick at. Plus it’s a Love story. After only a year and a half, you finally made it to the bathroom..

Culture Wars

Culture Wars
Author: Roger Chapman
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 1200
Release: 2015-03-17
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN 13: 1317473515

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The term "culture wars" refers to the political and sociological polarisation that has characterised American society the past several decades. This new edition provides an enlightening and comprehensive A-to-Z ready reference, now with supporting primary documents, on major topics of contemporary importance for students, teachers, and the general reader. It aims to promote understanding and clarification on pertinent topics that too often are not adequately explained or discussed in a balanced context. With approximately 640 entries plus more than 120 primary documents supporting both sides of key issues, this is a unique and defining work, indispensable to informed discussions of the most timely and critical issues facing America today..

Exceptional Me

Exceptional Me
Author: Jason Gilmore
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2021-03-11
Genre: Political Science
ISBN 13: 0755626966

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Donald Trump has forged a unique relationship with American exceptionalism, parting ways with how American politicians have long communicated this idea to the American public. Through systematic comparative analyses, this book details the various ways that Trump strategically altered and exploited the discourse of American exceptionalism to elevate not the nation, but himself personally, professionally, and politically. Jason Gilmore and Charles Rowling call this Trump's Exceptional Me Strategy and they document how it made Trump different from every president in modern American history. Beginning with the 2016 election, the authors show how Trump broke with tradition and instead of championing American exceptionalism, he actively portrayed the nation as an un-exceptional mess in need of a saviour. Placing blame at the feet of politicians-both Democrats and Republicans-for America's decline, Trump set himself up to be seen as the one person who could “Make America Exceptional Again.” The authors then document how throughout his presidency and the 2020 presidential election Trump sought to convince Americans that he was the exceptional president, making the case at every turn how American exceptionalism had returned under his presidency and that he, and he alone, was to thank for it. Gilmore and Rowling illustrate how from the outset Trump's conception of American exceptionalism had almost nothing to do with the country's institutions, ideals, or its people..

A Very Stephen Colbert Biography

A Very Stephen Colbert Biography
Author: Steven Mattews
Publsiher: ULTRA VULGAR Publishing
Total Pages: 88
Release: 2021-10-20
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13: 1956291199

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Nation, are you ready to hear a story about a man? Not just a man, a devoted satirist god among men. This theater actor turned improve comedian turned full-time method acting satirist is among the most patriotic American in existence. Not because of the silly, high-status dumb-dumb he portrays on TV, but because, through the course of this book, we will see that Colbert is capable of making a difference. By observing his career from the very beginning, we will see that, through his nightly satires of American Politics, Stephen Colbert brought about an authentic change in the way we, the people, do things around here. This book is your quintessential guide to everything Stephen Colbert. We have amassed a detailed history dating back to the origins of the leader of the Colbert Nation. Follow us as we follow him into the beginnings of his career in comedic satire in Strangers With Candy, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and The Late Show. We will take a look at the Colbert 2008 presidential campaign as well as all of Colbert’s achievements to see just what makes him so good at what he does, including an in-depth analysis of the greatest and longest running performance of our time, the “Stephen Colbert” character. We have also compiled the finest collection of words of wisdom from the mouth of Stephen so that you can quote Colbert all year round. Nation, it’s time to put on your Stephen Colbert pajamas, cozy up with your Stephen Colbert print comforter with your Stephen Colbert Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and enjoy the greatest American past-time of all: reading about Stephen Colbert..

Bears & Balls: The Colbert Report A-Z (An Unofficial Fan Guide)

Bears & Balls: The Colbert Report A-Z (An Unofficial Fan Guide)
Author: Sharilyn Johnson
Publsiher: Third Beat Productions
Total Pages: 207
Release: 2014-11-09
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN 13: 0993942202

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The essential fan guide for truly dedicated members of the Colbert Nation! Contains over 200 highly-detailed encyclopedia-style entries, celebrating nine years of the Colbert Report’s greatest moments, obscure favorites, and behind the scenes insights including: Complete Colbert Super PAC play-by-play What really happens at a Colbert Report taping How Stephen Colbert prepares his guests to face off against his character Detailed timeline of the Daft Punk “Colbchella” fiasco Where uncensored versions of the show were broadcast How Colbert and his writers create The Word Is Jay the Intern really an intern? What ever happened to Stephen Jr.? Who the heck is “Jimmy”? Jon Stewart: great bromance, or greatest? From the technical to the tangential, Bears & Balls: the Colbert Report A-Z covers it all, and digs deep to answer questions you didn’t even know you had..

Crossing Borders, Drawing Boundaries

Crossing Borders, Drawing Boundaries
Author: Barbara Couture
Publsiher: University Press of Colorado
Total Pages: 312
Release: 2016-03-01
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 13: 1607324032

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With growing anxiety about American identity fueling debates about the nation’s borders, ethnicities, and languages, Crossing Borders, Drawing Boundaries provides a timely and important rhetorical exploration of divisionary bounds that divide an Us from a Them. The concept of “border” calls for attention, and the authors in this collection respond by describing it, challenging it, confounding it, and, at times, erasing it. Motivating us to see anew the many lines that unite, divide, and define us, the essays in this volume highlight how discourse at borders and boundaries can create or thwart conditions for establishing identity and admitting difference. Each chapter analyzes how public discourse at the site of physical or metaphorical borders presents or confounds these conditions and, consequently, effective participation—a key criterion for a modern democracy. The settings are various, encompassing vast public spaces such as cities and areas within them; the rhetorical spaces of history books, museum displays, activist events, and media outlets; and the intimate settings of community and classroom conversations. Crossing Borders, Drawing Boundaries shows how rich communication can be when diverse cultures intersect and create new opportunities for human connection, even while different populations, cultures, age groups, and political parties adopt irreconcilable positions. It will be of interest to scholars in rhetoric and literacy studies and students in rhetorical analysis and public discourse. Contributors include Andrea Alden, Cori Brewster, Robert Brooke, Randolph Cauthen, Jennifer Clifton, Barbara Couture, Vanessa Cozza, Anita C. Hernández, Roberta J. Herter, Judy Holiday, Elenore Long, José A. Montelongo, Karen P. Peirce, Jonathan P. Rossing, Susan A. Schiller, Christopher Schroeder, Tricia C. Serviss, Mónica Torres, Kathryn Valentine, Victor Villanueva, and Patti Wojahn..

Truth in the Public Sphere

Truth in the Public Sphere
Author: Jason Hannan
Publsiher: Lexington Books
Total Pages: 242
Release: 2016-10-20
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 13: 1498530834

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Has truth become a casualty of America’s increasingly caustic and volatile political culture? Truth in the Public Sphere seeks to understand the significance of truth for the everyday world of human communication. To this end, this book explores the place of truth in several facets of the public sphere: language, ethics, journalism, politics, media, and art. Featuring an international group of contributors from across the humanities and social sciences, this collection is a definitive supplement to theoretical debates about the meaning and status of truth..

Stephen Colbert: Beyond Truthiness

Stephen Colbert: Beyond Truthiness
Author: Bruce Watson
Publsiher: New Word City
Total Pages: 136
Release: 2014-08-05
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13: 1612307574

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Stephen Colbert is far more than a comedian and improv genius. As head of his fanciful Colbert Nation, the quick-witted host of Comedy Central's The Colbert Report has delighted fans with his wit, audacity, and innovative uses of language and the media. In this biography, award-winning journalist Bruce Watson, author of Jon Stewart: Beyond the Moments of Zen, charts Colbert's rise from boyhood tragedy to "greatest living cultural/media critic.".

Rhetoric, Humor, and the Public Sphere

Rhetoric, Humor, and the Public Sphere
Author: Elizabeth Benacka
Publsiher: Rowman & Littlefield
Total Pages: 179
Release: 2016-11-02
Genre: Social Science
ISBN 13: 1498519873

Download Rhetoric, Humor, and the Public Sphere Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Rhetoric, Humor, and the Public Sphere: From Socrates to Stephen Colbert investigates classical and contemporary understandings of satire, parody, and irony, and how these genres function within a deliberative democracy. Elizabeth Benacka examines the rhetorical history, theorization, and practice of humor spanning from ancient Greece and Rome to the contemporary United States. In particular, this book focuses on the contemporary work of Stephen Colbert and his parody of a conservative media pundit, analyzing how his humor took place in front of an uninitiated audience and ridiculed a variety of problems and controversies threatening American democracy. Ultimately, Benacka emphasizes the importance of humor as a discourse capable of calling forth a group of engaged citizens and a source of civic education in contemporary society..

Poking a Dead Frog

Poking a Dead Frog
Author: Mike Sacks
Publsiher: Penguin
Total Pages: 480
Release: 2014-06-24
Genre: Humor
ISBN 13: 1101613270

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A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER NAMED A BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR BY NPR Amy Poehler, Mel Brooks, Adam McKay, George Saunders, Bill Hader, Patton Oswalt, and many more take us deep inside the mysterious world of comedy in this fascinating, laugh-out-loud-funny book. Packed with behind-the-scenes stories—from a day in the writers’ room at The Onion to why a sketch does or doesn’t make it onto Saturday Night Live to how the BBC nearly erased the entire first season of Monty Python’s Flying Circus—Poking a Dead Frog is a must-read for comedy buffs, writers and pop culture junkies alike..