Globiuz Book 1: First Light

Globiuz Book 1: First Light
Author: Richard L. Douglas
Publsiher: RLD
Total Pages: 369
Release: 2021-05-13
Genre: Art
ISBN 13:

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Pocket Paperback format (5x8"), Third Edition (2021) Binglow is a young pig-troll (Paglot) of the Torry Mountains, who decides to follow the advice of the Black Dwarfs to join the resistance against the cannibal swine-dogs – Opules. Of course, it wasn't for free – the Black Dwarfs were successful gold-miners in the Torry regions. Such tempting offer lured Binglow and his pig-troll gang to set out for an ambush, but there was one little problem. On his way, he finds more friends – Crix, Binglow and Legen! Together, the team of young explorers discover even more problems on their way, defining a true path to friendship..