Lighthouses for Kids

Lighthouses for Kids
Author: Katherine L. House
Publsiher: Chicago Review Press
Total Pages: 128
Release: 2008-03-01
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 13: 1613740468

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Bringing to life an era when rivers, lakes, and oceans were the nation's highways and lighthouses served as traffic signals and maps, this comprehensive reference provides children with an in-depth history of lighthouses and firsthand stories of the challenges faced by lighthouse keepers. Filled with engaging activities such as learning how to tie a bowline knot and building a model lighthouse, this unique book also includes a field guide to U.S. lighthouses, places to visit, a time line, glossary, websites to explore, and a reading list for further study..

Florida Lighthouses for Kids

Florida Lighthouses for Kids
Author: Elinor De Wire
Publsiher: Pineapple Press Inc
Total Pages: 36
Release: 2004
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 13: 1561643238

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Presents a history of Florida's thirty-three lighthouses, including how they were designed and built, how they operate, and the bravery of their keepers..

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse for Kids! Including the Big Move of 1999

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse for Kids! Including the Big Move of 1999
Author: Carole Marsh
Publsiher: Carole Marsh Books
Total Pages: 40
Release: 1999-06
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 13: 0793394368

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Lighthouses of the Carolinas for Kids

Lighthouses of the Carolinas for Kids
Author: Terrance Zepke
Publsiher: Pineapple Press Inc
Total Pages: 66
Release: 2009
Genre: Lighthouses
ISBN 13: 1561644293

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The history of and facts about lighthouses along the Carolina coasts. Includes color photos and illustrations, ghost stories, and a quiz..

Aussie Kids: Meet Taj at the Lighthouse

Aussie Kids: Meet Taj at the Lighthouse
Author: Maxine Beneba Clarke
Publsiher: Penguin Group Australia
Total Pages: 96
Release: 2020-02-04
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13: 1760147508

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Hi! I'm Taj Lightning. This is my favourite T-shirt. I brought it to Australia from my old home. My family came here after a long journey. It was hard at first, but now I love my new home!.

Children of the Lighthouse

Children of the Lighthouse
Author: Ila G. Lee
Publsiher: AuthorHouse
Total Pages: 133
Release: 2002-11
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 13: 1403360995

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By making the most of what you have, you can be a true social star. By developing your personality, demeanor, charisma, and talents, you can easily increase your popularity. You will be equipped with a repertoire of smooth social skills to attract new friends. With your winning style, you will glow with inner social and self-confidence. At the same time you will feel personally rewarded. Your talent to benefit others will enhance your popularity. So you will be proud to be who you are. With friends, you make great life gains. You share with them your excitement and good times. With their eye-awakening revelations, friends sometimes know you even better than you know yourself. With their compliments and support, friends can make you feel good about yourself. At times you need answers to puzzling social questions and dilemmas. Many social situations are complex. With social savvy, you can make intelligent decisions to promote positive social outcomes. With social success, you will feel comfortable in your school environment. With your enthusiasm, you will excel in academic and extracurricular endeavors. Since you help others, you will feel gratified. Ultimately, you will maintain a healthy sense of well-being at school..

My Florida Alphabet

My Florida Alphabet
Author: Annie P. Johnson
Publsiher: Rowman & Littlefield
Total Pages: 64
Release: 2015-10-17
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 13: 1561648795

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My Florida Alphabet is not just another alphabet. Join Big Al, the tugboat, as he chugs through Florida from A to Z. And sing along, performing the gestures for each letter. Research continues to prove that adding movement, music, and rhythm facilitates learning. The authors have used this method in their classrooms with fast and amazing results. Includes a CD of “My Florida Alphabet" song..

The Florida Lighthouse Trail

The Florida Lighthouse Trail
Author: Thomas W. Taylor
Publsiher: Pineapple Press Inc
Total Pages: 196
Release: 2001
Genre: Lighthouses
ISBN 13: 9781561642038

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A collection of the histories of Florida's light stations by authors who are authorities on a particular lighthouse, sharing details of the lives of these great sentinels..

Therapeutic Residential Care for Children and Young People

Therapeutic Residential Care for Children and Young People
Author: Patrick Tomlinson
Publsiher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Total Pages: 288
Release: 2011-09-15
Genre: Psychology
ISBN 13: 9780857005380

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Children and young people in care who have been traumatized need a therapeutic environment where they can heal and which meets their emotional and developmental needs. This book provides a model of care for traumatized children and young people, based on theory and practice experience pioneered at the Lighthouse Foundation, Australia. The authors explain the impact of trauma on child development, drawing on psychodynamic, attachment and neurobiological trauma theories. The practical aspects of undertaking therapeutic care are then outlined, covering everything from forming therapeutic relationships to the importance of the home environment and daily routines. The book considers the totality of the child's experience at the individual, group, organization and community levels and argues that attention to all of these is essential if the child is to achieve wellness. Case material from both children and carers are used throughout to illustrate both the impact of trauma and how children have been helped to recovery through therapeutic care. This book will provide anyone caring for traumatized children and young people in a residential setting with both the understanding and the practical knowledge to help children recover. It will be essential reading for managers and decision-makers responsible for looked after children, child care workers such as residential and foster carers, youth workers, social workers, mental health workers and child welfare academics..

We the People Too!

We the People Too!
Author: Thad Cobb
Publsiher: iUniverse
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2003-09-04
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 13: 059528843X

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Kacee Gates' one true ambition is to somehow atone for his past sins and be worthy of the love and devotion of his wife and child. Each new attempt, however, results in an inevitable pattern of disappointment and failure. After viewing a program that shows how easily kids are traumatized by discrimination, he realizes what happens to kids manifests itself in adults. He then realizes the dark legacy of discrimination still exists within the American social conscience and reparations are inevitable. Kacee Gates' lawsuit however serves as a catalyst by Reb, the leader of a white supremacist militia group to facilitate his own personal agenda. Can Travis Clearwater, a renegade FBI agent and Moses Truth a civil rights activist stop Reb's plans before the country is forced into a second bloody and violent civil war drawn along racial lines..

Gay Head Lighthouse

Gay Head Lighthouse
Author: William Waterway
Publsiher: Arcadia Publishing
Total Pages: 176
Release: 2014-06-24
Genre: History
ISBN 13: 1625849389

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Standing tall on the colorful clay cliffs of Martha's Vineyard, Gay Head Lighthouse has provided safe passage to seafarers since 1799. The steadfast tower marks a dangerous and heavily traveled passage between the island and mainland known as Devil's Bridge. Being the first lighthouse on the Vineyard, Gay Head Light has a rich and varied history filled with stories of inspirational lighthouse keepers, disastrous shipwrecks and even mysterious deaths. Today, Gay Head Light serves as an iconic symbol of the island's maritime history and attracts visitors from around the world. Join author William Waterway as he charts the history of the lighthouse from the original wooden tower lit with oil lamps to the rebuilt brick structure that houses the famous Fresnel lens..

Cornwall with Kids

Cornwall with Kids
Author: William Gray
Publsiher: Footprint Travel Guides
Total Pages: 208
Release: 2014-03-10
Genre: Travel
ISBN 13: 1907263861

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Britain's most popular holiday destination has been left with no stone unturned in updating the second edition of Footprint's full-colour guide, Cornwall with Kids. This popular guide provides you with the complete low-down on where to go, what to see and how to get the most from your family holiday. Cornwall is everything a family holiday should be - braving surf, building sandcastles and sampling fish and chips. Perfect for any family budget, Cornwall with Kids offers insight into exactly where to pitch the tent, buy local food and plan days out for free, plus reviews of the top hotels along with the must-see attractions like the Eden Project and St Michael's Mount. Whether it's a day trip to the Isles of Scilly or finding the best beaches for rockpooling that takes your fancy, you won't want to leave home without this full-colour guide. - Teach the kids how to surf at one of the many acclaimed North Atlantic surf schools. - Sample the culinary delights, full listings on where to find the best Cornish food, including that perfect pasty. - Great days out, from the Eden Project to the Lost Gardens of Heligan. - Whether the sun is blazing or the rain is pouring, there are tips here for all weather..

The Kids' World Almanac of Transportation

The Kids' World Almanac of Transportation
Author: Barbara Stein
Publsiher: Pharos Books
Total Pages: 292
Release: 1991
Genre: Transportation
ISBN 13: 9780886874902

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Provides information about various forms of transportation including answers to such questions as "The Batmobile was originally what kind of car?," "What was the name of the largest ocean liner ever built?," and "How many miles per hour does the world's f.

Contemporary Authors

Contemporary Authors
Author: Amy Elisabeth Fuller
Publsiher: Gale / Cengage Learning
Total Pages: 456
Release: 2007-09-05
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13: 9780787678876

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A biographical and bibliographical guide to current writers in all fields including poetry, fiction and nonfiction, journalism, drama, television and movies. Information is provided by the authors themselves or drawn from published interviews, feature stories, book reviews and other materials provided by the authors/publishers..

The Lighthouse Mystery

The Lighthouse Mystery
Author: Carolyn Keene
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 80
Release: 2012-11-13
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13: 144248344X

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Nancy and her friends are on a fun-filled trip to the coast of Maine. But when they find out that the historic town lighthouse might be haunted, the girls are spooked! And when they find mysterious clues that seem to lead them on a treasure hunt, Nancy knows she has a mystery on her hands. Who wrote the clues? And where could they lead? Maybe this lighthouse really is haunted like everyone thinks. One thing’s for sure—it’s up to Nancy to shed some light on this case before they are all left in the dark!.

The Fyddeye Guide to America's Maritime History

The Fyddeye Guide to America's Maritime History
Author: Joe Follansbee
Publsiher: Fyddeye Media
Total Pages: 371
Release: 2010
Genre: Lighthouses
ISBN 13: 0615381537

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The Fyddeye Guide to America's Maritime History is a one-of-a-kind directory for tall ships, lighthouses, historic warships, maritime museums, and other attractions you can visit today that preserve, protect, and interpret our nation's maritime history. Use the Guide to plan a family trip, map out a heritage travel experience, research your local history, or find a heritage organization to help you discover the sea captain in your family tree. The Guide covers maritime history attractions in the Lower 48 states, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. More than 200 authentic tall ships, many offering travel excursions and educational experiences lasting from an hour to several weeks. More than 300 historic commercial vessels, such as ferries, tugs, and steamboats, as well as warships, including battleships, aircraft carriers, destroyers, and small craft dating from the 18th century to the middle 20th century that you can visit. More than 750 photogenic lighthouses and lightships grouped by East Coast, West Coast, the Gulf Coast, and the Great Lakes. More than 260 family-friendly maritime museums in 37 states and the District of Columbia. Three maps with suggested itineraries for discovering lighthouses in New England, California, and Michigan. Special articles on the tall ship Lady Washington, forgotten steamboats on the Okanogan River, the best lighthouse books, and major maritime festivals. Twenty-five professional photos of key ships and other attractions. The Fyddeye Guide to America's Maritime History complements Fyddeye, http: //, the Internet's most comprehensive website dedicated to maritime history and heritage. Fyddeye also features an online community that discusses news about maritime history and current issues, including preservation of historic ships. You can also share photos and vote in polls on current events. Visit Fyddeye's pages on Facebook and follow Fyddeye on Twitter..

The Lighthouse Leadership Principle

The Lighthouse Leadership Principle
Author: Pete Walkey
Publsiher: Dog Ear Publishing
Total Pages: 92
Release: 2005-10-01
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN 13: 1598580736

Download The Lighthouse Leadership Principle Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

The Lighthouse Leadership Principle is a practical and proven approach to influencing the people in your sphere of interaction. Whether you're a leader in your home, at work, or in your community, you can dramatically improve your results by applying the five secrets to growing and guiding people..