Silent Pantheon

Silent Pantheon
Author: Eric Nierstedt
Publsiher: Independently Published
Total Pages: 306
Release: 2019-07-29
ISBN 13: 9781081613488

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Once, long ago, we knew their names...Healer. Teacher. Gravedigger. Mother. Trickster.They live among us, performing the duties that define them. Their names are whispers, drowned out by a single, mighty voice. They live under it, finding solace in the work and with each other, pretending not to remember the times when their songs were sung.But times are changing again. And darkness is rising.Those that have forgotten them will call for them again. But when they call, will these forgotten beings from distant lands heed it? Or will they abandon those who forgot their songs?Come see a world where myth and faith live together. Where those that are forgotten will choose between duty and anger. Where mankind will once again speak the names of the SILENT PANTHEON..

Extreme Music

Extreme Music
Author: Michael Tau
Publsiher: Feral House
Total Pages: 340
Release: 2022-08-30
Genre: Music
ISBN 13: 1627311297

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Expand your aural and sensory experiences with Extreme Music. An exploration of tomorrow’s sounds (and silences) today. Michael Tau had spent years obsessed by the extremes of musical expression. Extreme Music: Silence to Noise and Everything In Between is the culmination of decades of research into the sounds (and silences) that comprise the outer limits and conceptual expressions that stretch the definition of music. Tau defines and categorizes these recorded sounds into sections that allow fans and newcomers to explore the fascinating world of musicians who defy convention. He explores a wide range of extremes including volume, speed, and vulgarity to packaging, recording methods, unplayable media, outdated technologies, and digital pioneers. He asks and answers the questions: Are all sounds music? Is silence music? Is a plate of rotting food once cataloged, packaged and sold by a distributor qualify as music? Extreme Music includes over 100 interviews with makers and musicians as Tau uses his background in psychiatry to help readers understand what motivates people to create and listen to non-mainstream music. As a fan of multiple avant-garde musical genres, Tau uncovers the pleasures (and sometimes pain and frustration) found at the outré fringes of music. Extreme Music is the ideal guide for curious seekers, die-hard fans, and cultural investigators. Features images and curated links to samples of music..

The Modern Hercules

The Modern Hercules
Author: Alastair J.L. Blanshard
Publsiher: BRILL
Total Pages: 698
Release: 2020-11-09
Genre: History
ISBN 13: 9004440062

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The Modern Hercules explores the reception of the ancient Greek hero Herakles – the Roman Hercules – in western culture from the nineteenth century to the present day, exploring the hero’s transformations of identity and significance in a wide range of media..

Around the Universe in 1,000 Years

Around the Universe in 1,000 Years
Author: Jerrold Pope
Publsiher: Author House
Total Pages: 336
Release: 2012-04-05
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 13: 1467079766

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AROUND THE UNIVERSE IN 1,000 YEARS Is the story about a young man called David Middleton. He helps to found a secret society, that builds a city in a giant cavern located under a mountain in a remote section of the Rocky Mountains. The members there are dedicated to reaching for the stars. David and his crew of the Star Ship Vega set out on a trip across the universe. The story covers a time period from 1969 A. D. to the year 2069 A. D..

Olympus, and the House of Tchrlok

Olympus, and the House of Tchrlok
Author: D. R. Spires
Publsiher: Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages: 502
Release: 2016-06-14
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 13: 1514480379

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The work is grouped into four books, the first three starting approx. Five thousand years ago, and the last, on a critical day, bringing them and the characters all together into one work. Opening with "A Book of Traxis," I introduce an ancient, imperial race of creatures from the adjacent Cygnus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, across from the Crab Nebula, where a girl is graduating from a technical school. For her finals project, she develops a device that more or less creates a temporary copy of life forms, past and present, depending upon data input. The device is seen as a minor accomplishment, one which could be used to confirm or refute Traxian history books, but little more. The ruler of Traxis finds the device intriguing, and likely one she might be able to employ in combat, to probe a far distant enemy prior to invasion. Her chosen target world is Telmut 3, which humanity refers to as Earth. In "A Book of Earth," we find odd occurrences, with fabled beings from the remote past somehow being reborn, if indeed they were ever born before. Among the returning entities are a number of Greek heroes, such as Herikles, crossing the streets of New York City, and impish Pan roaming the wilderness of Pennsylvania and Ohio, filching food from farms, where he eventually meetsa mermaid. Through astronomical observations, Prof. von Kreiger of Cornell University is able to deduce the impending invasion, but can see little the people of Earth might do to prevent the implied conflict. With "A Book of Gods," we have the return of the Greek pantheon, and a new god, Herikles' great grandfather, Perseus, the first king of Mycen, complete with the glory of Pegasus, sent upon a quest to find his wife, Andromeda, the first queen of Mycen. The gods, being gods, realize the approach of the Traxian armada and set preparations to meet force with divinity. Finally, in "A Book of Khaos," the enemy is met and conflict is . . . well . . . more than expected. There is a minor twist in the story here, as a major defender of Earth, Aphrodite, discovers the truth regarding the rebirth of Olympus, tracing events to the machine aboard the Traxian mothership. Fearing annihilation for herself and her amazing family, she approaches the Traxian ruler, in search of salvation. Except for a few minor additions for the glossary (I was informed by a reader some years ago this might be nice for the cartoon-raised generation who may not be well versed in Thomas Bulfinch's mythology text books) and some rewriting (truncation, actually) of published lyrics and the addition of a few poignant chapter quotations, the manuscript is complete, with the ending left a bit open for a possible sequel..

The Great Silence

The Great Silence
Author: Joan Junyent Dalmases
Publsiher: Joan Junyent Dalmases
Total Pages: 92
Release: 2022-01-27
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
ISBN 13: 8461328345

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The Great Silence is a novel to understand accident prevention. Very pleasant and clear. He uses an accident in a mine to link a handful of amazing reflections that help us appreciate the great usefulness of prevention..

Textual Silence

Textual Silence
Author: Jessica Lang
Publsiher: Rutgers University Press
Total Pages: 232
Release: 2017-08-24
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN 13: 0813589940

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There are thousands of books that represent the Holocaust, but can, and should, the act of reading these works convey the events of genocide to those who did not experience it? In Textual Silence, literary scholar Jessica Lang asserts that language itself is a barrier between the author and the reader in Holocaust texts—and that this barrier is not a lack of substance, but a defining characteristic of the genre. Holocaust texts, which encompass works as diverse as memoirs, novels, poems, and diaries, are traditionally characterized by silences the authors place throughout the text, both deliberately and unconsciously. While a reader may have the desire and will to comprehend the Holocaust, the presence of “textual silence” is a force that removes the experience of genocide from the reader’s analysis and imaginative recourse. Lang defines silences as omissions that take many forms, including the use of italics and quotation marks, ellipses and blank pages in poetry, and the presence of unreliable narrators in fiction. While this limits the reader’s ability to read in any conventional sense, these silences are not flaws. They are instead a critical presence that forces readers to acknowledge how words and meaning can diverge in the face of events as unimaginable as those of the Holocaust..

The Silent Word

The Silent Word
Author: Robert Young
Publsiher: World Scientific
Total Pages: 190
Release: 1998
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 13: 9789971692117

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The book comprises a selection of the papers presented at an international conference on "Meaning as Production: The Role of the 'Unwritten'", held in Singapore in 1995. It takes textual analysis beyond the traditional boundaries of literary studies, into a more culturally dynamic field of social semiotics, rhetorical studies, hermeneutics and theories of interpretation. There are also essays that explore the issues with reference to canonical literary texts or authors..

Silence Once Begun

Silence Once Begun
Author: Jesse Ball
Publsiher: Vintage
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2014-01-28
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 13: 0307908496

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From the celebrated author of The Curfew (“A spare masterwork of dystopian fiction” —The New York Times Book Review), Jesse Ball’s Silence Once Begun is an astonishing novel of unjust conviction, lost love, and a journalist’s obsession. Over the course of several months, eight people vanish from their homes in the same Japanese town, a single playing card found on each door. Known as the “Narito Disappearances,” the crime has authorities baffled—until a confession appears on the police’s doorstep, signed by Oda Sotatsu, a thread salesman. Sotatsu is arrested, jailed, and interrogated—but he refuses to speak. Even as his parents, brother, and sister come to visit him, even as his execution looms, and even as a young woman named Jito Joo enters his cell, he maintains his vow of silence. Our narrator, a journalist named Jesse Ball, is grappling with mysteries of his own when he becomes fascinated by the case. Why did Sotatsu confess? Why won’t he speak? Who is Jito Joo? As Ball interviews Sotatsu’s family, friends, and jailers, he uncovers a complex story of heartbreak, deceit, honor, and chance. Wildly inventive and emotionally powerful, Silence Once Begun is a devastating portrayal of a justice system compromised, and evidence that Jesse Ball is a voraciously gifted novelist working at the height of his powers. This ebook edition includes a Reading Group Guide..


Total Pages: 784
Release: 1858
Genre: English literature
ISBN 13:

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The Inspector and Silence

The Inspector and Silence
Author: Hakan Nesser
Publsiher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard
Total Pages: 336
Release: 2011-06-14
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 13: 0307379825

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It’s a sweltering summer in Sweden and Chief Inspector Van Veeteren is long overdue for a holiday when a secretive and dubious religious sect comes under investigation. One of its members, a girl on the cusp of adolescence, is found dead in the forest near their holiday camp, brutally raped and strangled; the discovery of her body has been phoned in by an anonymous caller. The members of the sect, the Pure Life, are led by Oscar Yellinek, a charismatic but unnervingly guarded messiah figure. In an act that mystifies and infuriates Van Veeteren and his associates, the members of the Pure Life choose to remain silent about the incident rather than defend themselves. But an unidentified woman is continuing to assist the authorities, and her knowledge suggests she’s more than just a passing Good Samaritan. Her tips become doubly perplexing as a new string of increasingly horrifying crimes defy everything Van Veeteren and his team thought they knew about the case. A riveting new addition to Håkan Nesser’s acclaimed series, The Inspector and Silence is suspense at its haunting best..

Rediscovery of India, The: A New Subcontinent

Rediscovery of India, The: A New Subcontinent
Author: Ansar Hussain Khan
Publsiher: Orient Blackswan
Total Pages: 560
Release: 1999
Genre: India
ISBN 13: 9788125015956

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The Book Considers The Partition Of India In 1947 To Have Been The Most Disastrous Of Political Solutions For The Subcontinent. Tracing Past History, It Shows How The Indian Leaders Were Manipulated By The British Into Seeing Partition As The Only Solution. The Author Does Not Accept The Official Reasons For Hurrying The Negotiation, Nor The Claim That Partition Had Become Inevitable. The Records Of The Transfer Of Power And Earlier Talks Do Not Show The Real Spring That Thrust Partition Upon The Subcontinent. The Book Sets Out To Find Precisely That. A Provocative Book On Historical Problems Which Have Acquired A New Dimension In The Contemporary Political Scene..

Organizing Silence

Organizing Silence
Author: Robin Patric Clair
Publsiher: SUNY Press
Total Pages: 282
Release: 1998-01-01
Genre: Social Science
ISBN 13: 9780791439418

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A thought-provoking look at how silence is embedded in our language, society, and institutions. Sexual harassment is explored as an example..

The Roaring Silence

The Roaring Silence
Author: David Revill
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 556
Release: 2014-06-03
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13: 1628723963

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John Cage has been described as the most important composer of our time. He combined classical European training with Eastern spirituality to produce an American amalgam of such vitality and originality that it continues to define what we mean by avant-garde. His influence has touched generations of artists, including Philip Glass, David Byrne, and his longtime collaborator Merce Cunningham. His work and ideas have influenced not only the world of music but also dance, painting, printmaking, video art, and poetry. The Roaring Silence documents his life in unrivaled detail, interweaving a close account of the evolution of his work with an exploration of his aesthetic and philosophical ideas, while placing these in the greater perspective of American life and letters. Paying due attention to Cage’s inventions, such as the prepared piano, and his pioneering use of indeterminate notation and chance operations in composition (utilizing the I Ching), David Revill also illuminates Cage the performer, printmaker, watercolorist, expert amateur mycologist, game show celebrity, political anarchist, and social activist. Arnold Schoenberg once called Cage “not a composer, but an inventor—of genius.” This revised edition presents never-before-seen correspondence between Cage and other luminaries of his day, as well as new analysis into his legacy. The Roaring Silence celebrates the life and work of this true American original..

Sonatas, Screams, and Silence

Sonatas, Screams, and Silence
Author: Alexis Luko
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 292
Release: 2015-08-11
Genre: Music
ISBN 13: 1135022747

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Sonatas, Screams, and Silence: Music and Sound in the Films of Ingmar Bergman is the first musical examination of Bergman’s style as an auteur filmmaker. It provides a comprehensive examination of all three aspects (music, sound effects, and voice) of Bergman’s signature soundtrack-style. Through examinations of Bergman’s biographical links to music, the role of music, sound effects, silence, and voice, and Bergman’s working methods with sound technicians, mixers, and editors, this book argues that Bergman’s soundtracks are as superbly developed as his psychological narratives and breathtaking cinematography. Interdisciplinary in nature, this book bridges the fields of music, sound, and film..

Silence on the Mountain

Silence on the Mountain
Author: Daniel Wilkinson
Publsiher: Duke University Press
Total Pages: 396
Release: 2004
Genre: Guatemala
ISBN 13: 9780822333685

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Written by a young human rights worker, "Silence on the Mountain" is a virtuoso work of reporting and a masterfully plotted narrative tracing the history of Guatemala's 36-year internal war, a conflict that claimed the lives of more than 200,000 people..

The Legacy of Silence

The Legacy of Silence
Author: Gerald Gene Granroth
Publsiher: Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages: 85
Release: 2010-07-13
Genre: Poetry
ISBN 13: 1453511547

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