Tiffany Girl

Tiffany Girl
Author: Deeanne Gist
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 544
Release: 2015-05-05
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 13: 1451692471

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From the bestselling author of It Happened at the Fair and Fair Play comes a compelling historical novel about a progressive “New Woman”—the girl behind Tiffany’s chapel—and the love that threatens it all. As preparations for the 1893 World’s Fair set Chicago and the nation on fire, Louis Tiffany—heir to the exclusive Fifth Avenue jewelry empire—seizes the opportunity to unveil his state-of-the-art, stained glass, mosaic chapel, the likes of which the world has never seen. But when Louis’s dream is threatened by a glassworkers’ strike months before the Fair opens, he turns to an unforeseen source for help: the female students at the Art Students League of New York. Eager for adventure, the young women pick up their skirts, move to boarding houses, take up steel cutters, and assume new identities as the “Tiffany Girls.” Tiffany Girl is the heartwarming story of the impetuous Flossie Jayne, a beautiful, budding artist who is handpicked by Louis to help complete the Tiffany chapel. Though excited to live in a boarding house when most women stayed home, she quickly finds the world is less welcoming than anticipated. From a Casanova male, to an unconventional married couple, and a condescending singing master, she takes on a colorful cast of characters to transform the boarding house into a home while racing to complete the Tiffany chapel and make a name for herself in the art world. As challenges mount, her ambitions become threatened from an unexpected quarter: her own heart. Who will claim victory? Her dreams or the captivating boarder next door?.

Football, Family, Gender and Identity

Football, Family, Gender and Identity
Author: Hanya Pielichaty
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 156
Release: 2021-05-12
Genre: Social Science
ISBN 13: 1000412202

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This book presents a cross-disciplinary examination of the lived experiences of girls and women football players using theoretical insights from sports studies, psychology, sociology and gender studies. It examines the concept of ‘the football self’ – your own, personal football identity that encapsulates the importance of football to our everyday lives – and what that can tell us about the complex relationships between sport, family, gender and identity. The book draws on in-depth ethnographic research involving players and family members, and offers important new insights into the everyday experiences of those girls and women who play. It breaks new ground in focusing on the significant relationships between player and family with a particular focus on parenting through football. The book brings to the fore key debates around gender identity, barriers to participation, cultural gaps and discrimination. The author also brings a personal perspective to bear, drawing on experience gained over 20 years as a player, adding an extra critical layer to her important empirical research. This is essential reading for all researchers and students with an interest in football, sport studies or issues around gender, inclusion or the family in sport, and fascinating reading for anybody generally curious about football..

Clara and Mr.Tiffany - Behind the Story

Clara and Mr.Tiffany - Behind the Story
Author: Hannah Garrard
Publsiher: Behind the Story
Total Pages: 54
Release: 2014-08-12
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13: 1500410012

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Inside this exclusive look into the world of Susan Vreeland’s novel, Clara and Mr. Tiffany, you will discover a host of curious and intriguing stories behind the creation of the novel: how Clara Driscoll was ‘re-discovered’, the secrets of Vreeland’s writing methods, and how to keep updated on your favorite author’s latest novels to name a few. Learn about historical fiction writing and test your knowledge with trivia questions as we explore the story of the novel to take you backstage for a fresh look at Clara and Mr. Tiffany. Experience: The Behind the Story Effect After reading a BTS... You feel inspired to follow your hearts and dreams... — Arshi Ever been backstage at a concert? Here you go -- in written form. — Author, Editor I felt like the Behind the Story offered a new look into the book, and appreciated that, as most of the time, that angle is unexplored. — Aspiring Author I felt enriched with knowledge about the book, and I felt like I knew more about the book. — Aspiring Author It makes me discover new things, and when I re-read the book, my emotions are different, deeper now that I understand what's behind the book.— Karlen I felt closer to the writer knowing more about them as a person and why they wrote what they wrote. — The Beta Reading Club Get ready for one of the most unique experiences you will ever have...this is definitely CliffNotes and SparkNotes on Steroids. — Author, Editor.

Fatal Promises

Fatal Promises
Author: Jeanette Henderson
Publsiher: Trafford Publishing
Total Pages: 420
Release: 2004
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 13: 1412020573

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Fatal Promises is a ficticious story with real-life overtones that allude to the ills of society in the historical South. An 18-year-old colored boy becomes despondent with the lack of opportunities in a small South Georgia town, so he migrates to New York, hoping for a better life. A six-year-old colored boy is emotionally wounded when his father abandons his mother with no means of support. He vows always to care for his family, if he ever has one. A young, rich southern belle becomes intimate with her employee, whom she vows to love forever, but fate intervenes. A wealthy elderly lady, the sole survivor of her family, hires two young mulattos, promising to defray the cost of their education if they will work in her home for a year. She is very fond of them, but her reward is much greater than her promise. Fatal Promises is about love, hate, wealth, poverty, good, evil, commitment and success. It is a story that will capture your attention and your heart..

Tiffany's Monthly

Tiffany's Monthly
Total Pages: 588
Release: 1856
Genre: Spiritualism
ISBN 13:

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Sundays at Tiffany's

Sundays at Tiffany's
Author: James Patterson
Publsiher: Random House
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2008-09-04
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 13: 1407005472

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The number one bestselling author shows his sensitive side in his heartwarming new romantic novel. Jane was a sweet, funny, chubby seven-year-old, desperately seeking love from her self-obsessed mother, Vivienne, and a father who was wrapped up in a new life with his beautiful young girlfriend. Jane's only friend was handsome, funny, thirty-something Michael. Michael was different; no one else could see him, nor did they believe he existed beyond the realms of Jane's very creative imagination. They would talk from morning until night. As Jane grew older though, the time came for Michael to leave Jane's side. Jane couldn't forget him though. Over twenty years since Michael said goodbye, Jane catches a glimpse of that unforgotten face, her heart pounding, she can't believe it is true - could it really be Michael? This time though Michael isn't just a figment of her imagination. But will the path of true love be a smooth one? And will Jane get her happy ever after? Sundays at Tiffany's is a heart-warming romance about a girl who until now has lived her life on the sidelines, about what it feels like to fall in love, a tale of soulmates..

The Clock Doc

The Clock Doc
Author: Albert Azaduhie Haroutounian
Publsiher: iUniverse
Total Pages: 178
Release: 2006
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 13: 0595371981

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Have you ever had any regrets about the past or a decision you have made in life? Most likely, you have-and you're not alone. Michael and Tiffany feel as if they've found their soul mate. Unfortunately, fate fails to grant them the happily-ever-after they both desire. The young lovers part-each going their own way, each with a broken heart. After a few years, Michael becomes a very wealthy businessman. Regardless of his accomplishments, he never fully appreciates anything that he has and continuously regrets his past. Then one day, Michael meets the Clock Doc, a man who not only fixes clocks but time as well. When the Clock Doc opens up the door for him to travel into the past, Michael gets more than he asked for and faces numerous challenges along the way. Will Michael be reunited with his true love?.

Something from Tiffany's

Something from Tiffany's
Author: Melissa Hill
Publsiher: Hachette UK
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2011-05-26
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 13: 1848946074

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Doesn't every girl dream of getting . . . something from Tiffany's? 'The kind of book that you can't put down' - Sunday Independent It's Christmas Eve. And on 5th Avenue in New York City, two very different men are shopping for gifts for the women they love. Gary is buying his girlfriend Rachel a charm bracelet. Partly to thank her for paying for their holiday-of-a-lifetime to New York. But mainly because he's left his Christmas shopping far too late. Whereas Ethan's looking for something a little more special - an engagement ring for the first woman to have made him happy since he lost the love of his life. But when the two men's shopping bags get confused, and Rachel somehow ends up with Ethan's ring, the couples' lives become intertwined. And, as Ethan tries to reunite the ring with the woman it was actually intended for, he finds it trickier than expected. Does fate have other ideas for the couples? Or is there simply a bit of Tiffany's magic in the air . . ..

The Best Fiction Sampler Ever 2015 - Howard Books

The Best Fiction Sampler Ever 2015 - Howard Books
Author: Karen Kingsbury
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 218
Release: 2014-12-16
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 13: 147679071X

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Complete with new beginnings and the promise of happy endings, the Howard Books Spring 2015 Fiction e-sampler has an array of debut authors and perennial favorites for you to try out and enjoy. Step back in time with our historical fiction, fall in love with our inspirational romance, and enjoy our contemporary stories. If you would like to learn more about any of our authors or the titles featured, please visit us at, follow @Howard_Books, or like us at and sign up to receive our free monthly e-newsletter to stay informed of all of Howard’s fiction releases. With chapter excerpts from the following Spring 2015 new releases: Accidental Empress by Allison Pataki Chasing Sunsets by Karen Kingsbury The Tomb by Stephanie Landsem Mist of Midnight by Sandra Byrd A Kiss Is Worth a Thousand Words by Beth Vogt Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor by Melanie Dobson Tiffany Girls by Deeanne Gist Snow Wolf by Glenn Meade Valley of Decision by Lynne Gentry.

Evie Allen Vs the Quiz Tournament Zombies

Evie Allen Vs the Quiz Tournament Zombies
Author: Justina Ireland
Publsiher: Raintree
Total Pages: 129
Release: 2017-10-05
Genre: Children's stories
ISBN 13: 1474746241

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Evie Allen is smart--wicked smart. So smart, she's the star of her school's quiz bowl team. But something's up in the town of Devils' Pass, as usual. The team Evie must go up against is hungry for more than just the championship--they need brains to keep themselves going. It's up to Evie and her three friends to once again save the town of Devils' Pass--and maybe win the competition in the process.

Beach Dreams

Beach Dreams
Author: Trish Perry
Publsiher: Harvest House Publishers
Total Pages: 314
Release: 2008-07-01
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 13: 0736945571

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Following up on Sally John's bestselling Beach House series (The Beach House and Castles in the Sand—nearly 45,000 in combined sales) is a brand-new Beach House book from veteran Harvest House novelist Trish Perry. Tiffany LeBoeuf recently lost her mother to cancer. Still grieving, Tiffany seeks rest for her body and soul at a cozy beach house in San Diego. A scheduling mix-up causes a double booking, and Tiffany ends up sharing the house with a woman named Eve. When Eve's boyfriend, Jeremy, arrives to surprise Eve, he's surprised to see Tiffany as well. He settles in at the beach house next door, and what happens after that surprises them all. A fun, contemporary romance about how God uses even our mistakes to bring about His divine purposes. Beach Dreams is the perfect get-away read..

Tiffany’s Child Presents: on the Run

Tiffany’s Child Presents: on the Run
Author: King Smith
Publsiher: iUniverse
Total Pages: 159
Release: 2023-02-26
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 13: 1663249776

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Lorenzo is an optimistic young man, always wanting to see the positive outlook on things. Especially people. Lorenzo lost some of his memories a few years back, but he began seeing premonitions in his sleep. After a fatal accident, he was warned that he must defeat a man named Tyson and that a girl by the name of Tahti has the key to it all. He was able to recover from the accident thanks to an organization called the H.E.L.P., they informed him that he must repay them by helping find Tyson. During this journey together, they go on various missions, taking Lorenzo further and further away from his normal life. When helping a young lady he saw in a dream, he unintentionally pulled himself into something bigger than he could have imagined. She had affiliation with the mafia, and the leader, Jack, was now in pursuit to get revenge. While they were in hiding, Jack nabbed Lorenzo’s sister. Lorenzo has made an interesting group of allies, but are they really on his side? Or are they only using Lorenzo as a pawn? Will Lorenzo ever regain his memories? Why is Tyson's name consistently being brought up? Read along as two massive forces emerge from the tornado that flips Lorenzo's life upside down..

The Adventures of Major John Tiltborough

The Adventures of Major John Tiltborough
Author: Gary Cross
Publsiher: Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages: 782
Release: 2020-05-14
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 13: 198450570X

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Retired Major John Tiltborough was enjoying his time in the high mountain ranges in the snow and cold hunting for deer. Unbeknown to John, he was about to stumble across a massive child abduction and pornography organisation. After saving three young teenage children he now has to get his old team on side to develop a mission to save hundreds of children. Along the way he encounters romance, and forbidden pleasures from his new Mossad wife. Then the race truly begins to see if John’s extensive military experience can save the children before he is hunted down and killed instead. If he survives, he will need to master a plan to kill off those linked with this organisation called The Centre..

Girl Trouble

Girl Trouble
Author: Kerry Cohen
Publsiher: Hawthorne Books
Total Pages: 184
Release: 2016-09-19
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 13: 0997068345

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Bestselling memoirist and psychotherapist Kerry Cohen (Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity) explores complicated female friendships in Girl Trouble. Beginning with her relationship with her sister Tyler Cohen, who illustrates the memoir, Kerry examines the many ways female friendships can affect a girl’s life. From bullying and failed friendships to competition and painful break ups, Girl Trouble brings forth a story of how one girl learned to navigate the many difficulties of feminine friendships. Girls and women everywhere will relate to the confusion, the hurt feelings, and they will also learn along with Kerry how to make better choices over the years..

The Shepherd's Crown

The Shepherd's Crown
Author: Terry Pratchett
Publsiher: HarperCollins
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2015-09-01
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
ISBN 13: 006242999X

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Terry Pratchett's final Discworld novel, and the fifth to feature the witch Tiffany Aching. A SHIVERING OF WORLDS Deep in the Chalk, something is stirring. The owls and the foxes can sense it, and Tiffany Aching feels it in her boots. An old enemy is gathering strength. This is a time of endings and beginnings, old friends and new, a blurring of edges and a shifting of power. Now Tiffany stands between the light and the dark, the good and the bad. As the fairy horde prepares for invasion, Tiffany must summon all the witches to stand with her. To protect the land. Her land. There will be a reckoning. . . . THE FINAL DISCWORLD® NOVEL.

Way of the Blood Drippers

Way of the Blood Drippers
Author: K. T. Fung
Publsiher: iUniverse
Total Pages: 216
Release: 2006-09
ISBN 13: 9780595411924

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The story in this book, set principally in the nowadays United States, follows two secret agents, Peter Cushing from the United States and Tiffany Li from China, on their adventures to chase after building-leaping, dagger-throwing members of the ultra secret society, the Blood Drippers Clan, in their quest to quell a covert operation that employed unknowing X agents embedded within the United States to carry out deadly missions. Along the way, Peter and Tiffany had to deal with assassinations, deaths and incidents involving the use of radioactive materials as well as a fast-approaching deadline..

Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul 2

Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul 2
Author: Jack Canfield
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 384
Release: 2012-08-07
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN 13: 1453278982

Download Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul 2 Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Filled with relevant, inspiring and fun stories written mostly by kids, this new volume features a unique, innovative chapter, "Rockin' Our World", that highlights real kids achieving real dreams, helping less fortunate people, starting your own business, and utilizing your unique abilities..